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Guard Group Executive Close Protection
Executive Close Protection Fife

Our executive close protection officers in Fife bring a wealth of experiences from working in some of the most hostile environments around the world….

Tracing Missing Persons Investigations Guard Group
People Tracer / Searcher Fife

Guard Group, kingdom of Fife’s leading trace investigations agency.  We provide clients the ability to locate debtors, absconders, long lost friends and family members….

Protective Surveillance
Protective Surveillance Team Fife

Protective Surveillance is a means of providing client’s covert protection at all times when an overt close protection team may be seen as intrusive throughout Fife…….

Private Investigator Fife

Guard Group, leading private investigator and detective company in Fife who provide surveillance investigations for private and commercial clients throughout the UK and abroad.  We offer a bespoke service to each new and existing client throughout Fife the UK and abroad.  Our 5 star-service has allowed us to work with some of the most reputable clients from around the world.

Our professional and highly experienced surveillance operatives in Fife are specially selected form a rigorous selection process, we have a high number of ex British military and government agency personnel within the company who bring their own individual experiences from decades of working in some of the most challenging environments around the world.

When you’re faced with a personal dilemma of any kind, the best decisions are based on facts.  Highly experienced in using a variety of skills and up to date technology to gain solid evidence we can provide you with clear, undeniable evidence.

Intelligence reports will be processed with photographic stills, video evidence on request, other methods are available at our disposal and can be discussed with clients before deployment in Fife.

Our operatives have extensive local knowledge of throughout the Kingdom of Fife. Our operations cover localities, such as, Dunfermline to St Andrews and Burntisland to Cupar.  All cases are conducted in house, we will not sub-contract your case.

No two cases are the same in Fife but our pricing is clear and simple, 3 main factors, (1) the number of operatives, (2) the number of hours and (3) the number of miles.  £40.00 per operative and 0.60p per mile.  On cases that require a longer period over a few days or weeks we can offer our clients a number of packages which can also be discussed during your initial free no obligation consultation.

Intelligence & Surveillance Investigation Services Fife

Whether you require assistance with matrimonial, business or child custody matters in Fife, Guard Group can utilise a multitude of professional services throughout the UK and abroad. This includes providing covert surveillance teams to obtain evidential footage of matrimonial infidelity to lifestyle checks and stressful business related matters.  No two cases are the same so we only deploy the services you need for your exact situation.

Our professional highly trained investigators can help establish those facts and give you tangible evidence to help you make important life and business decisions.

The spouse who is acting strangely. The child who might be hanging out with the wrong crowd. Or the money that has gone missing to the employee who you suspect is working elsewhere. We can provide undeniable proof giving you the power to make decisions on those life changing problems.

Over 95% of our cases in Fife involve surveillance. Our highly trained and experienced private investigators will work lawfully, discreetly and quickly to give you all the facts.

In Fife Matrimonial dilemmas, and big life decisions, are best made when they're based on facts. Guard Group are discreet, efficient and non-judgemental. We always operate professionally and within the law to obtain the evidence you require.

Is someone you know claiming to live alone in Fife, and you know different?

Guard Group execute every job with precision, discretion, efficiency and professionalism.  Our operatives can provide you with undeniable evidence of co-habitation and compile reports which are fully admissible in court. 

 If you have genuine concerns about your childs welfare and require clear, irrefutable evidence in any personal or legal case in Fife our operatives can help you obtain the facts.  Guard Group are dedicated to fathers in Fife who feel they are being alienated for no reason and understand emotional dilemmas involving children are hard to deal with.

The increase in companies offering "no win, no fees" compensation deals has led to a rise in exaggerated claims. That means billions of pounds are paid out every year in bogus claims.

Guard Group have worked for some of the most reputable clients from around the word in Fife from insurance companies to work place injuries.

If you suspect your partner is cheating in it can feel like mental torture.  Guard Group, Fife can help stop the pain by showing you proof of your partner's movements and provide clear evidence to put your mind at ease or obtain evidence of unreasonable behaviour before you make those life changing decisions.

Covert rural surveillance is a specialist skill that takes years of training to perfect. Our ex military operatives in Fife are experts in the field.  Our operatives will lay in the ground for weeks, in freezing conditions, eating cold food and being sleep deprived to gather evidence for your case. Guard Group operatives have the highest standards of discipline and go far beyond our competitors to secure clear evidence for our clients.

Both small and big businesses in Fife , trust is sometimes abused.  Our operatives have obtained irrefutable evidence of fraudulent employee absenteeism and sickness, and in commercial, housing and property disputes.  If you suspect corporate fraud, don't just trust your instincts, Guard Group can provide the proof.

An aid to anything from cheating partners to internal theft can be gleaned from vehicle trackers in Fife . Our GPS trackers are the most up to date on the market and can be used in conjunction on asset protection assignments if required, reporting every five seconds as a minimum.

Proving theft from your business in Fife needs to be executed with precision and professionalism. Our operatives are highly experienced in using a variety of skills and up to date technology to gain solid evidence.  Guard Group can help you identify dishonest employees and provide you with clear, undeniable evidence.

Guard Group Private Investigator
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